Why are my broadband speeds fluctuating?

During the first fourteen days of your new broadband service your speeds will fluctuate and you may get intermittent connection issues as it will be testing to determine the fastest speed your line will support. Your speeds are more likely to stabilise at a higher speed if you leave your router on continuously. We recommend connection your ADSL router to your master telephone socket to maximise performance.

What factors determine my broadband download speed?

We will provide you with the fastest broadband connection that your phone line will reliably support. The download speed that you get will depend on a number of factors including the quality of your telephone line and the length of the line between your property and the telephone exchange.

Broadband speed may be limited by general congestion on the internet or a number of heavy broadband users connecting to the same telephone exchange as you.

What does my monthly data usage include?

Your download usage is measured against what you download from the internet. This is not just downloading a file from a website but includes activities such as, watching videos on websites and listening to radio stations over the internet.

The activities below are examples of what will count towards your download usage allowance each month:

  • Internet browsing
  • Streaming video from sites such as YouTube and BBC iPlayer
  • Online Gaming

Please note that anything you upload does not affect your monthly download usage allowance.

Will I be contacted if I am reaching my monthly data limit?

Spectrum Internet will contact you by email once you start to near you bandwidth threshold at 80%. At 100% you be notified again if you reach your usage allowance for the month. Spectrum Internet will not charge you for the first month you go over your limit but if you continue to exceed your monthly data allowance there will be a fee.

Why is my broadband connection dropping?

There a number of checks to make when troubleshooting as to why your broadband connection is dropping. Some suggesting actions or reasons are listed below.

  • Change your broadband micro filter
  • Plug the broadband router in the BT master socket
  • Faulty broadband router
  • Check if there is a dial tone of your telephone. If not, contact your telephone line provider and request that they run a line test
  • If your device is having trouble connecting the wireless, change the wireless channel on your router

How will I be billed by Spectrum Internet?

Proforma invoices are sent via email to customers every month. There will be 30 days for payment to be made to Spectrum Internet by the customer. If you have set up a Direct Debit and wish to cancel all invoices being sent to you please contact Customer Services on 02920 022 345, option 1.

What methods of payment are available?

  1. Direct Debit: This is our preferred method of payment

To pay by this method, please complete the Direct Debit mandate which will be sent to you following your Spectrum Internet connection going live. If you have misplaced this form please contact us for a new copy and return by email to accounts@spectruminternet.com

  1. Standing Order

Please contact your bank to set up a standing order for you monthly payment to Spectrum Internet

  1. BACS/Online banking

All bank details will be at the bottom of your monthly invoice. Please use the first line of your address and postcode as your reference

  1. Cheque

Cheques should be made payable to Spectrum Internet Limited. Please use the first line of your address and postcode as your reference.

There will be a £5.00 administration charge for payment made via cheque.

Can I email Spectrum Internet with my bank details to setup a Direct Debit?

We are unable to accept Direct Debit details via email as we are only authorised to take payment by this method once the customer has completed a Direct Debit Mandate due to the Direct Debit Guarantee. The Direct Debit Guarantee is included on the Direct Debit Mandate form and needs to the detached and retained by the customer.

Please complete the Direct Debit Mandate and return via email to accounts@spectruminternet.com

For all technical supports queries relating to your home broadband connection please contact our friendly team on 02920 022 345