Do I have to move to one of these packages now?

No, but if you are out of contract we can’t guarantee that your monthly fees will stay the same. Moving to a new package means you are price protected for the length of the contract. They tend to be better value too as now all of our new broadband services come with no usage caps (subject to AUP/FUP, of course).

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, all of our prices for home broadband and phone lines include VAT.

What happens if I move house mid-contract?

The service you order with us is for the connection to the property for the term of that contract. If we are able to provide the same service to the new property, you can start a new contract and we may be able to waive some of the ‘early exit’ costs. Please contact us if you are going to be in this situation and want to know how you might be affected.

Are there any download limits with the new packages?

No, all of our broadband packages have unlimited download allowance. You are able to download as much or as little as you like, subject to our Acceptable Usage/Fair Usage Policy.

Can I keep my existing phone number if I move to you?

In most cases, yes. We can check this for you if you would like to make the move.

I don’t currently have a telephone with you. Can I switch today?

Yes, in most cases you can bring your line across from your current provider. As an existing customer there is just a small one-off fee of £15.99 to switch. Then you just pay your monthly tariff or package charges.

Does unlimited really mean unlimited with my calls?

Once the duration of your call reaches 60 minutes, the call will become chargeable. We’re happy for you to redial to avoid any charges. There is a fair usage policy which you can read more about in our terms and conditions.

Does unlimited really mean unlimited with my calls?

Your weekend calls will start at 6pm Friday and end at 8am Monday.

When do my evening calls start and end?

Your evening calls will start at 6pm and end at 8am.

What calls are inclusive in my call bundle upgrade?

There are 2 options: For £3.99, UK landline and UK mobile numbers are included at evenings and weekends. For £7.99, UK landline and UK mobile are included at any time of the week. Please see our list of popular numbers for further guidance.

Are international calls included in any of the bundles?

No, please see our list of call charges for all international destinations.

If I make calls outside of my chosen call bundle how much will that cost?

The cost will depend on the type of call you are making. Please see our list of call charges for more details. They are really competitive if comparing with the likes of BT and Zen! We also don’t charge for call set up.

Can I add more call features?

Yes, there’s lots to choose from. Please see the options of call features.

How much will I be charged for calls if I don’t take a bundle with you?

Please see our full list of all national and international, landline and mobile call charges. We really believe call packages are great value so they are worth considering.

Are there any numbers I will I be charged for?

Yes, there are some premium numbers that are chargeable even if you are calling within your call bundle. Please see our list of inclusive and non-inclusive numbers.